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Delivering captivating Kids Wear to increase the charm and innocent looks of li'l kids.. 

About Us

New styles can be seen in readymade clothes on regular gaps, and they attract people from all over the globe. As our brand, Rianna believes that readymade clothes are the future of garment industry, we started our operation as a manufacturer and supplier in this domain and we offer a wide range of clothes specially for kids. The items that belong to our portfolio are Kids Ethnic Wear, Party Wear, Ghagra Choli, Salwar Kameez, etc.

Clothes are globally trending and there are ample amount of fascinating designs in it for people of all age groups including kids. It is an advantage that we can express our emotions, choices, mentality by wearing specific clothes. At present time, parents are also conscious for their kids to look good and pleasing every time. There are many specific and traditional clothes that people prefer to wear on important occasions like marriage ceremony, birthday party, festivals & many more.

Business Policies

We have cited some of our business policies that are implemented in our day to day work and we follow all of them to make our company clients' first choice:
  • To give customers proper services
  • To focus on timely & safe shipment of products
  • To keep the workplace healthy and hygienic
  • To maintain the discipline at the premises
Our Warehousing Unit

Its important to have a warehouse for a company because it gives many benefits like it provide us access to store, receive and distribute products in larger or smaller amount. We are blessed with a large area for our warehouse, it gives the liberty to do production in bulk and we transmit all the manufactured products to it. We keep our all manufactured products, raw materials, extra stocks, and inventory there, safe and secure.

Our Focus Areas

We are new in the competition but we have vision to cater our clients with the utmost sincerity. We believe in client satisfaction and work accordingly to make every client satisfied with our quality products. It is a challenge but we are ready to tackle all the challenges and turn them into opportunities. We have a strong team which is extremely skilled and hardworking, with our team we will achieve all the milestone for sure. We always keep a check on clients' experience after doing the business and try hard all the time to satisfy them. Our clients are happy because we are meeting up all their business requirements by maintaining business relations fairly. Our dedication is taking us to the top of the industry.

Why Choose Us?
  • We are a brand with fresh appeal.
  • We hold over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.
  • We have been designing ethnic kids clothes for Big Brands such as Stop and Morepankh.
  • We started our operations in March 2019 after having good understanding of Kids Ethnic Wear market.
  • We have been targeting products for young girls of families, from 6 months to 14 years.
  • We have demographically focused on customers of upper middle class & upper class segments.
  • We are new in the market, hence our brand carries young & fresh designs.

Marketing Focus

Marketing is a smart way of enhancing brand awareness as well as sale of a company, with this believe, we conduct marketing activities. Every year, a budget of INR 25 lakh is given by us to our marketing team for running campaign in the Mumbai city. In order to make families visit the stores of our brand, we have fixed a budget of INR 1.67 lakh/ annually. Some of our major marketing activities are:
  • Tie ups with local cable TV operators and Newspaper Vendors for weekly inserts
  • Social media campaigns for specific demographics
  • Promo codes & vouchers distribution for certain phone numbers in localities that are close of the malls of our brand.

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